Contract Manufacturing

Private-Label Manufacturing Solutions

Contract manufacturing refers to the process where goods are produced by one firm and sold under the label of another brand, firm or company. Bentus Laboratories offers private-label or contract manufacturing to small and large businesses (even healthcare professionals) for a variety of products, like surface sanitizers, hand sanitizers, perfumes and high-quality soaps.


Available Categories For Contract/ Private-Label Manufacturing

✓ Disinfectants ✓ Biocides
✓ Perfumes ✓ Tonic
✓ Antiseptics ✓ Household chemicals
✓ Lotions ✓ Other similar products
✓ Disinfectants ✓ Shower gels
✓ Household chemicals
✓ Shampoos
✓ Liquid soaps
✓ Antiseptics
✓ Other similar products

Key Features

Highlights that make the Bentus Laboratories a reputed manufacturer

Production can be increased up to 51,000 ltrs of products per day

Current production capacity is 17,000 liters of products per day.

40% of the current production is for liquid-form products, 60% is for gel-form products.

Substance manufacturing equipment & Bottling and packaging equipment.

We Specialize In Promotional Items

With Bentus Laboratories, as our ultimate manufacturing partner, we offer personalized promotional hand hygiene products, which may be used as giveaway items at different corporate events or trade shows. They may also be used as ambient media carriers.

Major options in promotional items include single use sanitizing gel, pen & credit card sanitizer sprays, traditional hand sanitizing gel bottles, wipe packages, liquid and foaming soap bottles.


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