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At Pome International, we completely understand how important hygiene is. Hence, joining hands with Bentus Laboratories (our ultimate manufacturing partner), we strive to distribute advanced hygiene products in the East Coast of USA.

Let’s Be Germ-Free

Do you know our hands carry thousands of illness causing germs every day? Medical experts believe that majority of diseases are caused due to germs in hands, which eventually get transferred to the rest of the body, leaving us sick and tired. Therefore, we present to you complete health-supporting solutions that immediately kills the germs, the moment they come in contact with your hands. So, do sanitize your hands to be germ-free and disease-free.

Ethanol-Based Hand Sanitizers

Say no to germs with Sanitelle hand sanitizers that are available for kids, teens and adults, in the form of spay, gel, foam and liquid.

Order: 0050Е

High-Level Disinfectants

Keep the floors clean with Sanitelle’s disinfectants that are manufactured in conformity to European standards and are available in gel and liquid form.

Order: 0050ЕA


Why Sanitelle?

Check out we believe in Sanitelle products.

Ethanol based Sanitelle gels do no leave your hands or skin dry.

The entire product range by Sanitelle is available within your budget.

Sanitelle is popular worldwide for its high quality assurance.

Among hundreds of brands in the global market, Sanitelle supersedes all, in terms of quality, price and effective results. This is the major reason why we trust Sanitelle and offer them as an efficient hygiene solution.

Top Sanitelle Products

Sanitelle® Order:
Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel 0050Е
Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam. Show box 0042ЕSB
Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray 0007R
Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam 0042E
Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray For Contact Lenses 0010L
Kids Hand Sanitizer Gel 0060-Kids

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Limit the spread of viruses through these amazing hygiene-promoting products by Sanitelle. Its products are completely non-toxic, dermatologists tested and kills 99.99% of the most common viruses, fungi and bacteria.

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