Certificates And Studies

Our Sanitelle hand sanitizers have been tested on a variety of parameters to assure their efficiency and safety. Here are some of the major results:-

  • Dermatologist tested. Non toxic1
  • Products (Sanitelle® gel) comply with the EN 1040:2005, and EN 1275:2005 European standards.
  • Kills avian (bird) flu virus H5N12
  • Kills 99% of most common harmful germs including E.coli, Ps. Aerugino sa, St. aureus, Mycobacterium B5, Candida albicans3,4.
  • The production facilities are awarded the ISO 13485:2003 International Quality Assurance Certification.
  • The high antiseptic activity of the Sanitelle® hand sanitizer with respect to the micro flora contaminating the hands of medical staff has been discovered. The Sanitelle® gel is recommended for extensive use in outpatient clinics, hospitals and ambulance services5.

1) Testing conducted at the Central Clinic Hospital of Russian Federation.

2) As tested at the Scientific Research Institute of Virology after N. Ivanovsky of the Russian Medical Academy of Science.

3) Study conducted at the Scientific Research Institute of Disinfection of the Russian Federation.

4) Study conducted by Professor G.E.Afinogenov at the Federal State Scientific Research Institution “RRB Institute of traumatology and orthopaedics named after R.R.Vreden”.

5) As tested at the Main Military Clinical Burdenko’s Hospital of Russian Ministry of Defense.


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